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Here at AMJC Financial, LLC is to help you redirect your financial goals, enabling you to buy the home of your dreams, your next car at a cheaper price, or sponsor someone’s college tuition. Click the button and…

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If we do not remove any negatives items worked on and you’ve obtained our services for 180 days.


If you have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your own credit at least two years previous to signing up for our services.


You have had no new collections or missed payments during the time frame we are assisting you.


You have maintained credit monitoring services at all times during the time frame we are helping you.


You agree and have sent updated reports/responses from the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion), creditors, and collection agencies to us within five days of receipt. You should receive updated credit reports every 30-45 days and make us aware if updated reports have not been received.


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