My name is Durwin from AMJC Financial, LLC and we help clients control their financial destiny.

We work with people like yourself to help clients get qualified for loans that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

If eligible, you get paid when you help family, friends, & clients control their financial future.

Step 1

Create Account

Click the "Create an Account" button, fill in the form, and click submit. Everything else is within your private portal.

Step 2

Check Inbox

Within a few minutes you'll receive an email. Click the button and log into your private portal by creating a password.

Step 3

Add Referral

Once logged into your private portal, click "Add New Referral", fill in the form, and click the submit button.

Our partnership program raises all ships (family, friends & customers.

What Can You Expect?

Family & Friends

Sit back and watch your family and friends gain control of their financial future by improving their credit scores, eliminating debt, and saving.

More Clients

Create an endless flow of customers & clients who come back to you and buy their dream home or car, or start a business with improved credit scores.

More Money

If eligible, get paid for each lead that becomes a client. Keep track of everyone within your private portal, see your earnings, and add new leads.