On carbon, we launched our hydrogen mine haul truck prototype in the first half of 2022. Spread the Word. It is a form of advocacy and negotiation. Agility and resilience are qualities good businesses need in order to thrive, while also working to live up to the increasing expectations of the role of business in society. All we can provide in the way of policy are opportunities to learn autonomy. Saying "White people have no culture" is an expression of internalized white supremacy. The Board has recommended a final dividend of 74 US cents per share, in line with our 40% of underlying earnings payout policy, bringing total dividends for the year to It is, therefore, not surprising to observe the struggles of other societies some of whose leaders and critics promise or demand or expect the same results in two weeks of demonstrations or who suppose you can have a plan to implement this sort of individuality. Individuality is not a private matter, it is a family affair. Web1 : an inhabitant of the U.S. of English origin or descent 2 : a North American whose native language is English and especially whose culture or ethnic background is of European There is no doubt that 2022 was a tough year in many ways, with extreme weather and other factors affecting our operations. In other words, the It is, however, not enough to recognize the formal component. But we all know that this is not enough, especially if incomplete individuals cannot be brought to test themselves within that context. In other words, the Anglo-American people would have seen the same rise whether they had originated in England or anywhere else in the world. The single most important event that has made modern Anglo-American culture possible is the rise of the market economy. In short, I would suggest that most if not all of the programs designed to redistribute income have had as an inadvertent consequence the undermining of the family. Income is not merely a means to consumer satisfaction, nor merely an incentive. That transformation was aided and abetted by the appearance of the modern individual. Religious practices and rituals For the second, as yet unapproved phase, we are planning an innovative water swap by exchanging that desal water for a larger offtake of industrial water. We have also seen that the economic system most compatible with an individualist moral culture is a market economy, and that the political system most compatible with it is a republican form of government. The FWN is a reputable organisation that has developed an online database that covers Living Wage reference values for every country in the world and is considered experts in this field. I want to stress that Anglo-American culture is not simply the product of Athens and Jerusalem. Relations between Mexican Americans and Anglos (a term used by Hispanics for English-speaking whites) have at times been strained in We wouldn't be able to re-imagine mining to improve people's lives without the strong foundation of our values, which are at the core of our way of working: We give our all to eliminating injuries because we value life and are unconditional about safety, health and well-being at work and at home. All rights reserved. 92% of Anglo American employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. The surveys are enabling us to build a picture of how extensively our Values are lived. Those who mourn the loss of traditional communities ignore the most important and original community, the family, and they ignore as well the prolific growth of voluntary communities. We are committed to exploring ways of applying Living Wage principles to our contractors and supplier base in the future. We use innovative practices and the latest technologies to discover new resources and mine, process, move and market our products to our customers around the world. Magali is French and brings to Anglo American highly relevant experience in capital intensive industries from an international executive career in operational, commercial and business transformational leadership roles, and a deep understanding of sustainability in its broadest sense. WebValues: Anglo Americans values promote good social performance, supported by the Social Way: Accountability: all functions have a responsibility to help deliver on our social Without a universal truth, neither the validity nor the invalidity of a particular cultural matrix could be an issue. The commissioning of Quellaveco in the middle of last year a world class mine delivered on time and on budget marks a step-change in our production of copper, one of the most critical metals to global decarbonisation, as well as broader infrastructure development and consumer demand. WebIn Arizona: Population composition. The increasing threat to the family is its loss of function as more and more is taken over by public agencies who thus compete for the attention and esteem of children. That is a good question. It is not directly correlated with income, intelligence, or how articulate you are. A rational argument is oriented solely towards discovering the truth. (g) One of the greatest motivations that energetic and creative people bring to the marketplace is not only the desire to found a fortune but the desire to have a durable and substantial legacy to pass on to their children. Intellectual virtue presupposes moral virtue. Pertinent to all these awful accidents, the Groups safety focus is on vigilance and encouraging employees to speak up when they encounter a situation that doesnt look safe, so that we can finally put a stop to serious incidents. We licensed two databases provided by Adam Matthew Digital: J. The ancient Greeks saw eristic as an agon (the root is the same as that of the English word agony). WebThe Anglo-American culture values youth rather than old age and consider it acceptable to place elderly individuals in a nursing home when they can no longer individually care for themselves. On our emissions trajectory, its unlikely to be linear as we head towards our 2040 carbon neutral operations target, but we are making progress. The local community get the clean water and we use dirty water that would otherwise be discharged. Logic can take us only so far. In short, Anglo-American culture is frequently accused of having surrendered its soul to self-interest. You wont have to look very far, for such maps appear every day in the newspapers telling us of new ethnic conflict. Our operational and financial performance, presentations and reports. I therefore declare this meeting duly constituted. I will now introduce the rest of your Board, all of whom are present. We appreciate your engagement with Library AAC and encourage you to share our content on social media. It is not the case that every view is as true as every other; it is not the case that every way of life is just as legitimate as every other. I know of no serious alternative to Anglo-American culture as the model; Anglo-American culture is self-critical, characterized by its striving for universality, has as its great strength the power of assimilation, and it is a fertile source of adaptation of what has been and still can be absorbed from other historical cultures. Merely stating this objection shows that the objector already accepts our notion of freedom as individual autonomy. Rather, income is a means to accomplishment. In undermining the nuclear family we undermine the one institution needed to sustain the individuality which is the heart of Anglo-American culture. Duncan Wanblad, Chief Executive of Anglo American plc, made the following remarks: Thank you, Stuart and good afternoon, everyone. Certain statistical and other information about Anglo American included in this document is sourced from publicly available third party sources. I am very proud of our work on building an inclusive workplace, including our focus on addressing gender-based violence, bullying, harassment and victimisation. In place of a market economy and limited government, we get collectivity as well as economic and political tyranny. Turning to sustainability and looking in particular at the key components of our environmental and social performance. In this context the term may refer to an English American, a person from the United States whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England, a person from the United States who speaks English as their first language (see American English), a collective term referring to those countries that have sim Some incomplete individuals are highly intelligent. Let me answer with an example. Anglo American is a global diversified mining business. The claim to universality is the claim that Anglo-American culture embodies a or the fundamental moral truth that is universally applicable to all human beings in every culture. We saw a significant step-up in production in the second half of the year and I am confident that the focus on operational excellence and getting the basics right has put us in good shape to deliver on our guidance for 2023. 37073 Gttingen, Germany. WebWhat is being called the Anglo-Americanization of India entails accent-neutralization, lessons on American culture (using things like Sex and the City DVDs), and the use of Anglo-American-sounding names like Sean and Peggy (Pal, 2004). Those who are concerned with the flawed character of American family life have missed and continue to ignore this dimension of the problem. The third reason is that Anglo-American moral culture is under attack even by its ignorant beneficiaries. Wealth is a good thing because: (a) it enhances the human condition. (d) Finally, wealth provides the dynamic of social reform. can. First, decarbonisationthat is, providing many of the raw materials required to bring about a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world. We are making good progress with the critical infrastructure the shafts and tunnel and excellent progress with the product, too. A government is good not when it tries to pursue the mythical collective good but when it focuses on removing evil. Now, before I ask Duncan Wanblad, our chief executive, to give you an overview of recent performance, allow me to share some of my perspectives on your company, Anglo American. Instead of an umpire they want a leader, and they conceive of such leaders as protectors who relieve them of all responsibility. Our operational and financial performance, presentations and reports. Today, we have released an addendum to our latest Tax and Economic Contribution Report to include country-specific data that demonstrates Be notified of any news, reports or updates straight to your email address, Keep up to date on social media or contact us with any other information, Introducing Duncan Wanblad, our new Chief Executive, Marketing materials solutions for our customers, Asset Strategy and Reliability (Engineering), Electronic communication and proxy voting. The only way to become an individual is to become conscious of ones own power for self-discipline. To provide a comprehensive framework that would identify the moral presuppositions of Anglo-American culture would be to fill a great lacuna in the contemporary intellectual environment. Be in no doubt, we will not rest until zero harm is achieved and sustained across our business. 2. With our people at the heart of our business, we use innovative practices and the latest technologies to discover new resources and to mine, process, move and market our products to our customers safely and sustainably. The function of government in modern Anglo-American culture is to facilitate political negotiation within the confines of the inherited moral framework. We cannot tolerate those who fail to discern the difference between the art of persuasion and coercion, and we most especially cannot tolerate those who would seek to undermine the major institution where the arts of persuasion are honed, namely the university. Little attention has been given to understanding the relation between Anglo-Americanism and the totality of our culture. From now on we will deliver all news about our activities & services right to your inbox. There are two ways of defending a market economy, one instrumental and one moral. Read all our latest press releases, speeches and presentations. Starting on my far left is Magali Anderson, Marcelo Bastos and Hilary Maxson, three of our independent non-executive directors. The beginning of reggaetn's international rise Recognizing the need for a universal moral truth is not the same thing as having identified in any substantive way the actual universal moral truths. To answer this question, let us look at two things, the concept of wealth and the role of the family. An equal is someone who does not have to be patronized but to whom we can say your argument sucks! And we treat them as responsible equals by insisting that they be held responsible for both their silly arguments and their destructive behavior. Important factors that could cause Anglo Americans actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements include, among others, levels of actual production during any period, levels of global demand and commodity market prices, mineral resource exploration and development capabilities, recovery rates and other operational capabilities, safety, health or environmental incidents, the effects of global pandemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases, the outcome of litigation or regulatory proceedings, the availability of mining and processing equipment, the ability to produce and transport products profitably, the availability of transport infrastructure, the impact of foreign currency exchange rates on market prices and operating costs, the availability of sufficient credit, the effects of inflation, political uncertainty and economic conditions in relevant areas of the world, the actions of competitors, activities by courts, regulators and governmental authorities such as in relation to permitting or forcing closure of mines and ceasing of operations or maintenance of Anglo Americans assets and changes in taxation or safety, health, environmental or other types of regulation in the countries where Anglo American operates, conflicts over land and resource ownership rights and such other risk factors identified in Anglo Americans most recent Annual Report. We challenge assumptions,seek other perspectives and pursue innovative opportunities to transform our business. Our steadfast focus is on driving safe, responsible and consistent performance across our operations, delivering value-adding growth and progressing towards our full suite of sustainability ambitions. You cannot help others achieve autonomy by creating public institutions which wield greater and greater power over individuals. Nor can this phenomenon be explained and understood in terms of some theory like liberalism or conservatism. That is why nation-building always fails! Diversity has long been a central element of the American way of life. Quellavecos renewable energy contracts kick-in during 2023, taking us to 100% renewables in South America, and our Australian steelmaking coal operations will transition to renewable electricity contracts from 2025. WebAnglo American has been in partnership with the Fair Wage Network (FWN) since March 2021. This claim to universality has two components: one formal and the other substantive. We foster a culture combining technological innovation with utmost consideration for our employees and everyone we interact with. We are committed to ensuring that every employee at Anglo American earns a fair wage, and we are confident that this principle is applied to all of our employees in each of our locations. 1899-1900. But suddenly, because of the YouTube algorithm based on the songs listened to, the listener is directed to another Latin song. On the level of public policy this means expanding the market economy, for it is the market economy that drives social reform; it is the market economy that empowers individuals. Ian Ashby who unfortunately is unable able to travel to London today due to unforeseen personal circumstances joins us virtually via the online platform. Through our Sustainable Mining Plan, which is aligned to the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, Anglo American is committed to playing its part in addressing the climate change challenge, across our value chain. That is why it is important to tell the story. WebReviews from Anglo American employees about working as a Specialist at Anglo American. Let me spell out the content of this concept before discussing its history. Attaining this level of performance represents a higher bar than any that has been set before in the industry. Details of the proxy votes already received for each resolution are shown on the screen behind me. Is there anyone who believes that when one person, one economic interest group, one gender, one religion, one race, one ethnic group does the deciding for others that it makes sense to call this letting them decide for themselves? Nothing in this document should be interpreted to mean that future earnings per share of Anglo American will necessarily match or exceed its historical published earnings per share. Now, with the maturity and availability of Living Wage reference values for all the countries in which we have a presence, we have been able to conduct an in-depth assessment to understand our overall position regarding the Living Wage and ourglobalemployee workforce in managed operations, excluding contractors, apprentices and interns. Magali currently serves as Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer of Holcim Group and is a member of its executive committee. What really inhibits these people is not a lack of opportunity, not a lack of political rights, and not a lack of resources but a character defect, a moral inadequacy. Let me conclude by saying that: just as ancient Athens strove to be the school of Hellas so America can strive to be the mentornot the rulerof the modern world. WebTrinity Church in Manhattan has been seen as embodying the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture in the United States. WebThe basic idea is that Anglo-American culture is what led to the success of Great Britain and the United States rather than the situational causes mentioned above. Looking back on my first year as chief executive, the world has changed in many ways. We offer a highly differentiated investment proposition, both through the prevailing market volatility and for the structurally attractive longer term. Equality has to be understood as the moral capacity for being autonomous not as an equal division of the spoils or redistribution of social badges of prestige. However, it is profoundly saddening to report that we were not able to achieve zero fatalities in 2022. The double standards that prevail in many institutions, standards that demand less of some than of others invariably reconfirm the perception that we are dealing with inferiors. Good governments do not create great societies or even try to; it is the mark of a great society that it demands good government. Simply put, safety always comes first as we strive to reach zero harm for every one of our people, every single day. A free and equal citizen is one who lays no obligation upon fellow citizens that he (or she) does not himself (or herself) assume. Starting, as always, with safety we continue to work tirelessly on our long term safety improvement journey. What they do is negotiate trade pacts. I am confident that under Duncans leadership, Anglo American will continue to demonstrate that we are a well-run, resilient company with the underlying culture, assets and ambition to continue growing and to deliver value and competitive returns, together with those much-needed products, the market fundamentals for which look very attractive indeed. WebThe basic idea is that Anglo-American culture is what led to the success of Great Britain and the United States rather than the situational causes mentioned above. We are steadily reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonising our energy supply chains. At Anglo American we're re-imagining mining to improve people's lives. This role is at a band C4 level and reports to Senior There is only one social institution within which it seems possible to learn self-respect and the glory of self-discipline, and that institution is the family. The institutions and practices of Anglo-American culture do not exist in a vacuum. Anglo American continues to re-invest in the business and deliver sustainable cash returns to you, our shareholders. To let others decide for themselves is precisely to treat them as ends and not as means. Join us in transforming the very nature of the industry to help create a safer, cleaner, smarter future. First, a side note. The choice to use ones reason and to use it to the fullest extent, to pursue the argument to its logical conclusion and not merely to the convenient conclusion is not made by reason but by an inner act of self-discipline. I am pleased to say that we have received strong support for all 20 resolutions based on the shares already voted that represent approximately 70% of the share capital. Following Magali's appointment, female representation constitutes 40% of the Board's membership, further strengthening our diversity. I was pleased to see that the companys effort and investment in sustainable practices over many years was recognised in our financing for the first time. The Anglo-Saxon industry always prefers to promote its artists. For example, one looks very differently on a child perceived as a subject of cultivation as opposed to a child perceived as the inadvertent product of a biological process or as an object of utility. Anglo-American culture is a term used to refer to the cultural values, beliefs, and practices that are prevalent in countries with a history of British colonization, Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the business of this meeting. We believe in humanity and therefore show care and respect for all people and will not turn a blind eye to what is wrong. Plato was, in this dialogue and others, attempting for the first time in human history to create the sort of refined conceptual apparatus needed to distinguish between a mere eristic contest (agon) and a rational argument governed by the sort of rules designed to lead to the truth. During the year, Anglo American issued two sustainability-linked instruments: a 745 million bond as well as a $100 million loan with the IFC, which are both linked to delivery against our Sustainable Mining Plan. Library of Anglo-American Culture & History (FID AAC) Gttingen State and University Library, Platz der Gttinger Sieben 1 Discover all of our policies and data relating to our ESG performance here. Tolerance is itself based upon a principle deeply embedded within Christianity, namely, that the only way to truth is through individual inner conviction, and inner conviction cannot be coerced from the outside. Anglo American plc held its Annual General Meeting for shareholders in London today. What we have discovered so far is that the major moral concept of Anglo-American culture is individual autonomy. To fail to recognize this logical or formal component is to exclude oneself and ones culture from consideration within the substantive debate. It is with deep regret that we lost two colleagues following accidents during the year at our managed operations, as well as the loss of a colleague from a complication following an injury sustained in 2021. Our metals are the essential ingredients in smartphones, electric cars, wind turbines; and our diamonds fulfil your dreams. Anglo American expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking (except as required by applicable law, the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, the UK Listing Rules, the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, the Listings Requirements of the securities exchange of the JSE Limited in South Africa, the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Botswana Stock Exchange and the Namibian Stock Exchange and any other applicable regulations) to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statement contained herein to reflect any change in Anglo Americans expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based. What is also crucial for us to remember is that even within our own Anglo-American culture going back as far as the Renaissance and the Reformation many people have not made the transition to individuality. A true individual can maintain his autonomy only by interacting with other autonomous beings, that is by interacting with equals. Distribution of ratings, It has performed this function in a number of ways: (f) The family provides support for mobility, a common pattern being that the first established member creates a base to which other family members can come later and thus ease the burden of transition; in poorer families the pattern is one of concentrating savings on giving a special advantage, such as education, to one member; and surely the most common pattern is seen in the sacrifices parents make for the education of their children. This document includes forward-looking statements. Some will defend the market economy on the basis of its greater productivity and power. Open Access Cooperation with The German Association for British Studies (AGF), Literary Print Culture: The Archives of the Stationers' Company, Neue Nationallizenz: Publishers Weekly Digital Archive, New Database: Publishers Weekly Digital Archive, Search the Archives of the New York Times and the Washington Post, New Database Available: Transatlantic Relations Online, The Academic Podcast - An Important Tool for Research Communication, Archive Your Conference Materials in "The Stacks", Open Access Directory for Researchers in Anglo-American Studies, Singular Plurality Singulair Pluriel: Canada at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021, Explore the Licensed Databases on American Consumer Culture, "Gttinger Schriften zur Englischen Philologie" now available in "The Stacks", Berlin in British Culture: Two Online Platforms Provide Multimedia Resources for Students & Teachers, RSS Feed for Library of Anglo-American Culture & History. The Sophists were, roughly, a band of pseudo-philosophers, mouths for hire that used deceptive techniques to win arguments and make money, not to find the truth. It is only within the nuclear family that an individual can be valued in and for himself/herself. We remind ourselves of how we got to where we are in order to understand where and who we are. Anglo Americans differentiated combination of portfolio diversification and growth optionality continues to set us apart from our peers and to position us strongly through the current market volatility and for the longer term cycle. Specifically, what the intellectual elite can contribute to this process is the on-going explication of the inherited framework of principles. Displacing diesel in these ultra-class 500 tonne trucks is one of the hardest to abate areas of our business, and in-mine testing so far continues to yield positive results. Our metals are the essential ingredients in smartphones, electric cars, wind turbines; and our diamonds fulfil your dreams. Anglo American performed strongly and we delivered a major capital project, Quellaveco, on time and on budget, and made further progress towards our full range of sustainability goals. The most distinctive institutions of Anglo-American culture are individual autonomy, the rule of law, a republican form of government, and a market economy. How were commitment to upholding human rights across our value chains, Empowering every colleague to bring their whole self to work. This would get us to the stage of not drawing any fresh water for Los Bronces, which would be a gamechanger and a win-win given the ongoing drought conditions in Chile. We collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders towards a common purpose and to achieve exceptional outcomes. Our diversified set of assets is increasingly focused on the metals and minerals that are enabling both the move to a lower carbon economy and to meeting the many demand needs and wants of a growing global population. Firstly, an urgent safety reset and calls to action during the second half of 2022. Deciding for themselves means, if it means anything at all, allowing each autonomous individual to decide for himself/herself, and when applied to a state this has to mean a public, unrigged and free election with universal suffrage and without reprisals. What they substitute for love of self, others, and family is loyalty to a mythical community. Second, it is a misunderstanding of individuality to see it as opposed to the notion of a cultural whole. It is not freedom that unleashes hate; it is tyranny that has prevented the growth of that individuality which overcomes the pathology of communalism.
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