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How To Use This Credit Boost Guide

The goal of this guide is to boost your credit score in the next 45 days with just a few simple actions. What most people fail to realize is that 80% of your credit score is how you manage your accounts and 20% of your score is how long you’ve had credit.

Let's Break This Down

So, if you’re trying to guarantee that your credit score improves in the next 45 days, we need to add some positive credit history!

This boost guide will not only help you increase your score but we carefully selected items that will give you the highest approval.

Helping you get approved regardless of your past credit history.

Merchant Account

A merchant card works like a “secured” card, but you get a much larger limit and will help your credit score much faster.

The way a secured card works is that you provide a deposit to the bank and they give you a card with the same limit as your deposit.

So, if you deposit $200, you get a $200 limit.

That’s okay, but it won’t help your credit as much as getting the merchant card with a $5000 limit.


Bigger Limits = Bigger Score Increase.

Let’s not forget that 30% of your credit score is your credit utilization.

So, What Is Credit Utilization?

Credit Utilization is the limited amount of credit used of the maximum limit you have at your disposal.
E.g. You have a $5,000 credit limit. 20% utilization would be $1,000, 10% utilization would be $500, and 50% utilization would be $2,500. Utilizing 20% or less will help raise your score. For best results, utilize less than 10%.

What To Do?

To improve your score in the next 45 days, we must add positive credit and decrease utilization. From the chart above, we know paying your bills on time and utilization accounts for 65% of your score. If you have a 500 credit score, you potentially can increase your score 227 points just by paying on time and decreasing utilization.

You should get a merchant card(s) before you get a secured card.

If you can only do one at a time, it’s okay.

The goal is to get a merchant card(s) as soon as you can to get the most significant credit benefit increase.


Credit Building Links

Free Credit Report and All 3 Credit Scores

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A $1.00 upfront activation fee gets all 3 reports and 3 scores now! New 3-Bureau report included monthly.

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Best Credit Monitoring with AMJC Financial, LLC

Credit Monitoring that Helps You Boost Your Credit Score

Credit monitoring helps you keep an eye on your credit report and alerts you to any suspicious activity.

The Best FICO Monitoring to Boost Your FICO Score

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How to Use this Digital Boost Guide - Guaranteed Approval

#1 Recommended Merchant Card

You will obtain a 5k credit limit with a small purchase. Buy the cheapest thing which will allow you to get the account.

Once the statement comes in, pay it off in full and never use it again!

No Merchant Card(s) at this time

We are actively looking for merchant card providers that will provide the best service with the largest credit limit.

Remember, the larger the credit limit will lower your utilization, and increase your credit score much faster.

How to Use this Digital Boost Guide - Guaranteed Approval
Best Secured Credit Card with AMJC Financial, LLC

#1 Recommended Secured Card

Designed to help you build credit. Apply for your secured card. No credit score check.

#1 Recommended Unsecured Card

Minimum credit limit of $300. Make your payments on time and double your limit in 6 months.
Best Unsecured Credit Card with AMJC Financial, LLC
Luxury Card is a Premium Credit Card in the Global Market of credit cards.

#1 Unsecured Luxury Card - Black Card

Required: Must have at least a 680+ FICO credit score and $70K annual income.


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